strong men=strong churches

It's a fact.  That's why we host the Amen Conference:  we want to strengthen men to fulfill their God-given roles at home, work, and in their churches.  The Amen Conference is a weekend designed specifically to challenge the men of churches in surrounding states through Biblical preaching,  Join us March 10-11 for an incredible weekend of challenging preaching from guest speakers, God-honoring music, good fellowship, and barbecue!

challenging preaching

Without a doubt, the trademark of the Amen Conference has always been the strong, biblical preaching.  Each year, three different guest speakers are invited to deliver a total of five messages to the men who attend the conference.  The guest speakers this year will be Dave Delaney and Dean Herring. Every year, men from many states walk away from the Amen Conference having their lives changed by the preached Word of God.

uplifting music

For years, churches have commented on how much they enjoy the sound of over 500 men singing praises to God.  It is our hope that the men from each church will have their passion renewed to actively participate in the worship services at their own churches.  

We are also thrilled to host the Amen Quartet at this year's conference to provide all of the special music. 


We believe that a men's conference must include manly food.  The men of Fellowship Baptist Church do an incredible job preparing brisket, pulled pork, and burgers on the grill to feed the men from your church.  



5:30-6:45 PM   |   BBQ Dinner

7:00 PM   |  Session 1

8:30 PM   |   Session 2


8:00-8:45 AM | Full Breakfast

9:00 AM | Session 3

10:30 AM | Session 4

12:00 PM | Lunch & Dismissal